CopyTrading with Crypto

Replicate winning transactions in your Binance account via API, with complete security!


CopyTrading Service

The Copytrading service works as follows: we use a platform called Aperium to link your Binance account to the lead trader's account via API, with no possibility of withdrawals, only allowing us to operate your account's USDT balance. We only operate the SPOT market, with the focus being swing trade operations. We seek a base return of 5% per month. You can follow all operations in the Telegram group, including operations made since the beginning of this project. Our goal is to operate with prudence and efficiency, with minimal leverage.

Hiring Plans

We have two membership plans. You choose based on your USDT account balance and expected results, we recommend a minimum bankroll of $ 2000 to get relevant results:

1º option: monthly fee of $50 + 15% on results, or

2º option: 30% on results and no monthly fee

Real Operations

Operation in the pair BTCDOWN/USDT

Started on 06/11 and ended on 06/12 with a net result of 4.71%

Operation in the pair BTCUP/USDT

Started on 07/05 and ended on 07/06 with a net result of 4.04%